Paul McBeth Foundation and Discraft Team Up to Bring Disc Golf to Detroit's Palmer Park, Empowering Urban Communities with Accessible Recreation

Posted Wed, Jul 26, 2023 in Latest News

The Paul McBeth Foundation, in partnership with Discraft, is excited to unveil Project 3.3 - Detroit, Michigan, an initiative aimed at introducing disc golf to an underserved urban community. Building on the success of previous projects, PMF and Discraft are now set to add disc golf to Detroit's recreational landscape.

Disc golf has the power to transform lives, promoting physical fitness, mental wellness, and social engagement. However, many major cities, including Detroit, have limited access to green spaces, leaving residents without opportunities to experience this vibrant sport. Recognizing this disparity, PMF and Discraft have come together to bridge the gap and bring disc golf directly to the heart of the Motor City.

Palmer Park Disc Golf Course was initiated in 2021 by a dedicated group of volunteers, but lacked crucial amenities such as teepads and tee signs. Seeking to elevate the course to new heights, the volunteers collaborated with PMF to complete the project.

The original goal behind the Detroit Palmer Palmer Disc Golf course was to introduce the sport of disc golf to the residents of Detroit with a permanent, high quality 18-hole disc golf course. A true grassroots, community-funded passion project has led to the establishment of one of Metro Detroit's top rated courses. However, many residents of the City of Detroit are still inexperienced with this new activity at the park.

As a result, PMF, Discraft, and People for Palmer Park (PFPP) have collaborated in establishing a 9-hole Junior course that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels, but is perfect to serve as a beginner-level course for brand new players, children, seniors, and residents with disabilities, for whom playing the larger main course can pose a challenge physically and skill-wise.

“PMF's generous sponsorship to fund the design and installation of the Junior course, as well as the completion of the main course at Palmer Park is a true testament to the mission of both organizations.” said PFPP Board Member, Chris McTaggart. “With this new recreational opportunity, coupled with skill-building demonstrations from UPlay, we can achieve our collective goal of introducing the sport to a whole new community of players for generations to come.”


Thanks to the generous support from Discraft, the project will see the installation of 18 new Chainstar Pro baskets, providing consistent baskets across both courses, along with completed tee pads to enhance the player experience. Additionally, 27 tee signs will guide players through their rounds, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable disc golf experience for all.

The Paul McBeth Foundation, driven by its belief in the transformative power of disc golf, is committed to supporting the growth of this exciting sport in major cities, as evidenced by their projects in Chicago and Madrid. With Project 3.3, the foundation and its partners envision a vibrant future where disc golf becomes a staple recreational activity in major cities.

"We are truly excited for what Project 3.3 will bring to the City of Detroit," said Dustin Leatherman, PMF Executive Director, "By establishing two distinct disc golf courses in Palmer Park, there will now be equitable opportunities for nearly 700,000 residents within the city limits to engage in outdoor recreation, fostering community cohesion and well-being."

As with previous projects, PMF will collaborate with local organizations and community members to ensure the courses meet the specific needs and interests of Detroit's communities. The initiative aims to empower individuals and families to embrace an active lifestyle and strengthen the fabric of urban neighborhoods through shared experiences on the disc golf course.

For more information about Project 3.3, or to learn more about the Paul McBeth Foundation's efforts to expand disc golf opportunities, check out our website:

To suggest a future project location, please fill out our project request form located here:

To support future projects like this one, please consider joining our Builders Club, a monthly recurring donor program that helps sustain the Paul McBeth Foundation to continue giving access to disc golf to everyone.


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