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At the Paul McBeth Foundation, we are passionate about the transformative power of disc golf. We believe that the lessons learned on the course, such as hard work, commitment, integrity, critical thinking, decision making, and communication, extend far beyond the game itself and have the potential to positively impact individuals and communities for a lifetime. We're looking for dedicated team members who share our vision and are committed to creating sustainable disc golf experiences that make a lasting difference in people's lives.

Current Positions

Thank you everyone who applied for our previous positions. Applications are now closed, be sure to follow us on social media or check back here for future openings.

Check back here for future openings!


The Paul McBeth Foundation’s mission is to create sustainable disc golf experiences and we believe that our organization cannot be successful if our experiences cannot be sustained over time. As amazing as it may be to create a new course or experience in a new place, we fail that community if the project does stand the test of time. As our organization grows and more projects are completed sustaining those projects becomes more difficult and time-consuming. We have decided that it is time to add someone to our team that is dedicated to this very idea: the sustaining of each and every project that we complete.


The PMF's mission is to establish and maintain sustainable disc golf experiences for everyone. However, we understand that achieving our mission requires effective storytelling. For our organization to thrive, it's vital that we engage both existing and potential donors by sharing impactful stories that showcase the positive difference we're making. To further strengthen our storytelling capabilities, we're currently seeking a new team member to join us.