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What to Expect

The Paul McBeth Foundation (PMF) is excited to announce Project 4.5, an initiative that will bring Serbia's first permanent disc golf course to the beautiful city of Belgrade. Set just outside the capital, this 18-hole course is designed to introduce and popularize the sport of disc golf in Serbia, creating a new recreational opportunity for the community. With the backing of our Manufacturer Partner, Prodigy, and additional support from PDGA Europe, this project promises to be a landmark achievement in expanding disc golf throughout Eastern Europe. We thank Milan Todorivic along with "Frizbijak" the Disc Golf Club in Belgrade for making this project possible.

Expected Installation

August 8-11th, 2024, the Paul McBeth Foundation will have a team on the ground, including renowned course designer Avery Jenkins, to ensure the course design meets our standards of playability and enjoyment. The tee pads, sign posts, and basket sleeves will be installed by this team with baskets from Prodigy coming later in the month to be installed. We will also be hosting a series of educational sessions to introduce the local community to the sport of disc golf.

Why This Location

Belgrade, Serbia, is a city with nearly 1.5 million people without access to disc golf, making it an ideal location for PMF's next project. As the first permanent disc golf course in the country, this installation will serve as a catalyst for the sport's growth in Serbia. The local community, which has shown tremendous dedication and enthusiasm, has been instrumental in securing approval for this park after months of hard work pitching this to the local municipalities.

This project will not only provide a new recreational outlet for residents but also foster community engagement and physical fitness. Additionally, the establishment of this course is expected to boost the success of our previous projects in Montenegro (Project 2.1) and Bulgaria (Project 4.4) by creating a regional hub for disc golf events and activities. With plans for future courses already, Belgrade is set to become a central point for disc golf in Eastern Europe.

Pictured below are the locations for our two latest projects in reference to established disc golf courses currently in Eastern Europe.

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