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The Batwa Whole Community Development Project, led by Fight for the Forgotten, is a multi-faceted endeavor designed to create a safe and dignified space for the displaced Batwa and surrounding tribal communities. The Paul McBeth Foundation is honored to collaborate with Fight for the Forgotten within this transformative framework, introducing the sport of disc golf as a unique recreational opportunity that aligns with the project's broader objectives. By seamlessly integrating disc golf into the Batwa Whole Community Development Project, the initiative not only enriches the community's recreational landscape but also enhances the overall quality of life for its members.

The disc golf course will be designed for beginners as they were first introduced to disc golf in May of 2023. One of our PMF team members had the opportunity to visit the community and introduce disc golf to them and they were immediately hooked. Their competitiveness shone through and were ready to train to compete against their friends. We believe there is great potential to grow and expand the disc golf course as the community learns to love the game.

One of the unique aspects of the course is that the baskets are being made in Uganda by our partners from Project 2.3 at Ndejje University. We have been working with them to develop a professional basket design that was able to be built in Uganda and they have been successful in building 10 baskets so far. We believe that this will lead to them building more baskets to create courses in many different areas of Uganda in the future. 

Why This Community?

We believe that everyone in the world should have access to disc golf and this is a community that does not currently have the ability to travel 12+ hours to play disc golf at Ndejje University, the site of Project 2.3. Partnering with Fight for the Forgotten made this project even more exciting to be a part of the great work they are already doing. The future of this community will look very different with the addition of disc golf as this will become another bridge that will be used to connect with neighboring communities, which has been a major challenge in the past. This community has been underserved for centuries and we see this disc golf course becoming an encouragement that makes life more enjoyable for the Batwa community.

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