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Project: Medellin, Colombia

Project Partner: Ledgestone Insurance Open Logo

About this Project:

The third Paul McBeth Foundation project brought two courses to a major city in a country that previously did not have a permanent disc golf course.

We were able to install two 9-hole courses, one in downtown MedellĂ­n at AeroParque Juan Pablo II, and the second in the nearby town of Giradota. Medellin has a strong Ultimate Frisbee community, and interest in disc golf has been growing. We partnered with local resident Ken Loukinen, the Ledgestone Insurance Open, and a local nonprofit to bring these courses to the city. This project gives immediate access to the sport of disc golf to a city with a population estimated to be over 4 million people.

Ken has already ran several PDGA events in Colombia, including the very first Colombian Open, and has plans for larger international tournaments in the future.

Why Medellin?

Disc golf appears ready to explode in Colombia, and we feel that this investment will open many doors for disc golf throughout the country. Ken has worked closely with the local government and has a tremendous amount of support from the entire community. With strong partners in place and a community eager for access to the sport, we felt this opportunity was a tap-in birdie.

Paul McBeth Foundation

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We can't carry out our mission alone and are looking for partners both here in the United States and around the world. If you would like to work with the Paul McBeth Foundation to install a disc golf course in your community, please fill out the following form. Our team will review all project requests and one of our staff members will follow up with you about a potential partnership.

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